Thursday, 19 November 2009


I can hardly believe its Thursday already and time again for some quality running, in what seems to be constantly grizzly weather. In anticipation of tonight's labours I called in to my favourite Chinese supermarket at lunchtime (always a bad idea go into supermarkets when hungry I find) and stocked up on some favourite treats, M was chuffed to have a stack of ribs to gnaw through over the weekend, the freezer is overflowing with won ton dumplings and I've just polished off a rather generous bowl of udon soup; very yummy noodly fuel after a tough long run tonight. The plan to do some threshold paced efforts was set aside for the sake of the planned XC race on Saturday. So, tonight a steady 13m, battling some gruesome gusts and trying to remember this is just the stuff that'll make this Runningbear tough for London.


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