Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Simple hills it was then. 5 x 4 mins to be exact and tough it was too after the exploits of the weekend. I'm feeling much clearer and happier about what I'm doing which is a nice way to feel after what seems like months of fretting and fiddling with my training. The hard work is starting to pay off. Each hill rep brought its own special pain but I still had some strength in my legs despite the 20 miler on Sunday. That just wouldn't have been manageable for my body a few months ago. So I'm slowly remembering that quality days are where the work is, easy days are to be enjoyed.
The hard hills efforts now out of the way mean tonight's easy bimble around Ilkley should be relaxed and a chance to stretch the legs but nothing more. That leaves more time for catching up on bits of missed telly and digging out the Ben & Jerry's for a bit of a yummy treat. Some more instalments of In Treatment are on the cards tonight. Its a must see. Check it out on Sky Arts...a demain.


ultra collie said...

as a hill session geek what sort did you do?
was it 4mins up and down eg kenyan? or 4 up fast and jog down? sounds like you're on good form either way. must be the (lack of) frills ;)

Antony Bradford said...

It can be a hard thing to just take it easy when something in your head is telling you to push and push. You seem to be learning fast that sometimes easy or rest is the best thing.

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