Friday, 2 October 2009

XC Is Back!

Well, its the night before the night before and M is readying himself for his big relay tomorrow, the BMAF XC relays at Mansfield. Its a stunning boys team and they will no doubt do some damage on the loveliest of of XC courses at Berry Hill. This is my favourite ever XC course, usually multi-laps over undulating and soft, grassy terrain with a very fine patch of woodland for some good chasing, particularly in team relay competitions.
I'll be standing at the sidelines feeling a tad jealous, mixed in with a few guilt pangs for not running with our ladies team & of course trying to put those red pants to the back of my mind. M is fit and hungry for racing so can't wait to see what he and team mate Tricky can pull out of the bag for the team performance tomorrow.
Then its a hurry back up the motorway for my overnight bag and a last cuddle with the furry feline kids and then back in the car for the trip to Warrington & the team meeting at 7pm. Another night in a Premier Inn, counting down the hours in a strange bed until race day. Its a 9am race start (yuck) so am hopeful I can swallow some breakfast early enough to avoid any repeats of the Nottingham experience. Wish me luck. I may nor may not post some race pics depending on the state of me in an England 'bikini'. Until Sunday then.. all pinkies crossed.
Some pics of the Relays... Results here.


ultra collie said...

good luck to you both :)

kate said...

a bit late....hope it went well in the relays M and best of english to all those who forgot their kit and are running in their pants tomorrow ;)

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