Wednesday, 30 September 2009

No Knickers Please

Cheeky title I know but have just got the squad info through for this weekend's HM race and have read rather happily that I'm getting a bit of new kit as part of the deal. This includes the Puma England outfit for the race itself. However, as M helpfully joked, I might be required to wear those skimpy running pants that all the elite girls wear. I've not been asked to request my preferred style of shorts and fear that I'm gonna be running in what are effectively bright red knickers. I know its a bit of a girly thing to fret. I'm just a bit disconcerted at the idea of.. well.. running in my pants basically. I'm sure girls will understand. But boys out there, just imagine having to race in your undies. Not a nice thought is it? It has a bit of a whiff of school days and P.E. teacher cruelties to me. It might detract from this girl's performance too. Or perhaps I'm just a very shallow person.
I ran out the anxiety about pants with a nice and easy 5 miles on the grass tonight. These legs are really feeling the change in season and the switch to road miles rather than trail during the week. I'm eager to build in a softer option (underfoot that is) when I can. So a few rather dull but nicely soft and springy loops around the hockey pitches tonight gave me chance to calm those panicked thoughts about pants and think nice calming thoughts about shorts, capri pants, leggings and other longer leg coverings.


jumbly said...

I'm with you on this, the whole underwear as outerwear thing is just not right. I'm hoping they send you something suitable covering.

ultra collie said...

dont forget to give an especially big smile for the camera then ;)

kate said...

the reason i wear 3/4 tights is that's where my bikini line finishes ;) what i'd just as scared about is the potential to have to wear a matching 'bra'. you don't need to worry though, your so fast, you'll be back in trackie bottoms before you know it ;)

Runningbear said...

Jumbly: thanks for the empathy, appreciated. Sadly, got the kit by courier today. Big red pants feature. I can't seem to get Red Nose Day out of my head...

UC: Will be smiling (insanely)

Kate: I think I'm stuck with the 'bra' too. The things we do for our country... ;)

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