Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Scaley Horrors

M discovered something very disturbing this morning. We've been smugly celebrating the shedding of the pounds as we scoffed our way with unbridled fervour through endless tubs of B & J's ice cream, giant home-made pizzas, plate-loads of post-race cake whilst that flashing digital display has pretended to be more friend than foe, announcing how light and lean we are each morning with its reassuring LCD blinks. We'd even talked ourselves into feeling slim.
Oh what fools we've been! I am gutted to say that it's all been a complete sham! JUST ONE BIG LIE. We'd even been getting a bit worried as M seemed to be losing the pounds at an alarming rate. An unhealthy rate at that. This morning was just a step too far, that evil spin doctor of bathroom scales tried to pass off that yet another kilo had been lost overnight. M stepped back on to double check and yes, another kilo in the space of 20 seconds! Suddenly the shared delusion came crashing down around our ears. We were horrified at the deception. Since purchasing a replacement this afternoon I've discovered that I am in fact 5kg heavier than I thought and M has gained 8kg. Imagine the horror. We are now counselling one another to cope with the news. More of a blow is the realisation that I can't continue to scoff my way through 4 tubs of B & J's every week unchecked.
Tonight we punished ourselves with a semi VO2max session, some 400s at the track with short 45 sec jog recoveries. Times were good again and M, continuing to build up his speed and strength, ran well. We're both ready for a racing weekend, M in the BMAF XC relays and then a trip to Warrington for me on Sunday. An easy week until then, holding off on both the miles and calories.


kate said...

eeek! but i'm sure 3 tubs will be fine ;)

jumbly said...

To be betrayed in such a way by a domestic appliance is nothing short of a tragedy!

ultra collie said...

how funny! but just goes to show that we can overcomplicate life with stuff we buy and create issues that we'd otherwise be oblivious to. did you ask the shop for a less optimistic set this time!

Hayfella said...

Hilarious! Sod the tyranny of the scales! Think of it this way: For you Scoffing + B&J = England vest. For me = spreading middle and flappy T shirt.
Good luck on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Glynis runs slimmers world at the Emmott Arms in Rawdon on a Wednesday night. I can sign you both up if you like?

Runningbear said...

Glad you were all so happily entertained by my tubby revelations. Have not got new scales that now tell the painful truth. How happy I was in my delusion - ignorance is definitely bliss.

No B&J's got in this girl's shopping basket tonight either. Treats are back to the confines of weekends only. I knew it was just too good to be true. Rb.

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