Sunday, 27 September 2009

M's Big Day

A big day today for the club and for M as we fielded some of our best road runners in the Yorkshire Vets Road Relays. It was also a big day attending our first event hosted by our club of old, Ilkley Harriers who did a fine job with a brilliant venue and much posh nosh for post-run refuelling. This included more types of cake than I have digits and lots of cocktail sausages that I know M very much appreciated (though I don't think they were solely intended for him as he might have hoped). Anyway, important food report complete, back to the running... Bingley were unstoppable today, I was so proud of all our runners, the boys had a storming run on the medals winning gold in the M40, M50 and M60 categories, and silver in the M35s close behind an awesome Otley team. However, I must make special of M who was pretty keyed up for today's race in our M40 team, being a non-fan of this short and sharp stuff (sound familiar?), but with his new Fastwitch racers (tied with three lucky knots) and a kiss from me he flew through the start, clocking 5.30 in his first mile then charging past those foolish enough to have burned up the first hill section (M is V good at hills). It sounds like the painful descent caught out everyone with a weird sharp drop back to the Lido, just to kick you in the shins after the gruelling mile of climb. M came sprinting round into the finishing funnel clear of the Ilkley boys and looking like he was just on the warm up. He did good. Fellow mates Tricky & Twinkle (my new name for Kevin O) also did Bingley proud, making mincemeat of the hills and showing off their superior racing form. There's no stopping 'em. Well done to all the Bingley boys and girls...


kate said...

sounds like a fantastic spread, oh and good running too M ;)

Hayfella said...

1. Well done the Bingleys! Never have sausages and cake been so well earned.
2. Belated huge congrats, rb, on your England vest. Warrington's dead flat so a good time's guaranteed.
3. Camera details on my blog.

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