Sunday, 4 October 2009


Yay, England won! After all the build up and nerves about pants it was a successful day. The English team won in both ladies and men's races after a very delayed start hanging about on a freezing cold & rainy Sunday morning. I'm completely knackered so cannot report other than to say that I came 4th overall in the race and didn't die of embarrassment in the horrific outfit. Report to follow when I've recovered a bit. Off to put my feet up now... Results here.


Phil said...

wow!! well done. Have a nice rest :) love the tune btw on the photo montage.

ultra collie said...

that must now rank as compulsary go faster kit to be worn at all stuff

kate said...

whooooooop! lucky pants ;)

Antony Bradford said...

Well done on another great result.

Thanks for the feedback on the Horsforth 10k. Knee still sore but hope to get running again soon.

Regards AB.

Runningbear said...

Phil: thanks v much. Glad you like the tunes..

UC: Not sure the pants will see daylight again but I've at least got a momento :0

Kate: Yes lucky maybe but also v ugly. And NOT comfortable at all. I ran 13.1m with a very public wedgie. The crowds I'm sure were entertained by the spectacle. It was a childhood nightmare come true.

AB: Thanks for the good wishes Antony & hope the knee is behaving itself again. RB.

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