Saturday, 10 October 2009

Triumphant Trials

Yep, back again to Leeds Hyde Park today for a stab at another 5k time trial - the most hated distance but as ever its best to face the fear. After the long run on the road on Thursday these old legs weren't very happy about the far too early start this morning, a 2m warm up before the usual lung bursting start at too-early-O'clock. The morning was fine, clear and pretty warm for October so a more pleasant than usual outing. I ran strong though felt the road miles in my legs and somehow managed my quickest time yet on the course by 2 secs but I sort of pootled in on the final mile with no blokes to battle with. M on the other hand had a stormer, a PB on a not very fast course and his first ever sub 18min 5k! And only 9 secs behind me! Results here. M's rate of progress is impressive and that gap between us is now the narrowest of slivers. I reckon it wont be long now before some serious PBs for M, starting with a sub 60min 10 miler for our race in November.
It was good to see some friendly faces there too with Mark H also running his fastest HPTT yet and Mr. Springer from Horsforth, as always looking awesome fit and no doubt running the HPTT in amongst several other races this weekend. A long run planned tomorrow and a bit of a chance to work off all these extra pounds the new bathroom scales keep blinkin' reminding me about.


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