Thursday, 8 October 2009

The Next Big Thing

There just seems to be so little time for blogging at the moment. Not sure why as not much has changed. As I type guiltily I can only think that the dark nights just make the evenings feel shorter and my hurry to get my run in and then wallow in the bath feels like more of a squeeze than it did during the lovely summer nights not so long ago...

This week has been rather hassly trying to balance recovery with my constant need to feel like I'm getting some proper running done. All these unplanned races have sort of gotten in the way. I'm very impatient. It drives M nuts. After being good early in the week M & I pushed the pace a bit last night with a nice and brisk aerobic run clocking sub 7 minute miles around the village. It's been interesting to note that as fitness develops through each training phase it's not usually the heart and lungs that feel taxed but the legs that seem to need the time to adjust to faster cadence. It feels a bit like running downhill and not being able to turn the legs around quick enough. I assume that's what those fancy track drills are all about.

Tonight was an attempt to get back to some proper running, a 13 miler on the road. A run in the dark with a faint hint of frost in the air and a crisp breeze. Lovely. A long run mid week is an essential element to building sufficient strength and endurance for those longer races. At least I reckon so and it is highly recommended by those who know their stuff, including fellow club mate Tricky and M of course. So, the weekly formula is building up the volume of those quality sessions in the week, sandwiched around a moderate long run and then the biggie at the weekend, with the odd race in between. The next big race is the Great South Run. I've got a freebie elite start which is great (the free bit I mean) but I risk being left standing at the start line as the proper elites leave me eating dust. I feel a bit of a fraud but couldn't pass up the free entry to a pricey race. It sounds like a good 10m course too and a good excuse to make a very overdue and welcome visit down to M's family folk. It is also a chance to show those Southern softies what us Yorkshire folk are made of. Eek! I wonder if Paula's running...I take that all back. I'll make sure I wave if its on the telly ;)


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