Thursday, 15 October 2009

More Training Please

Seems like yonks since I posted but life has just got really busy. After my grand 18 on Sunday, college took out my Monday and then Tuesday it was a trip to Seedhill for 8 x 1k efforts. I was intrigued as to how the legs would feel after the epic run on Sunday and was anticipating feeling pretty rubbish. Surprisingly I felt great and knocked out 8 with room for more and all in pretty good times. I'm encouraged that this building mileage is not having the impact I had at first feared and I seem to be thriving on the workload at the moment. Needless to say I stuck to the 8 reps to ensure I don't get too carried away.

Last night was a swift 7m on the grass, to ease the ITB and in response to news of an unexpected XC fixture or two in November; the National XC relays and also news of selection for the W35 England team for the Masters international later in the month. So I really need to get the legs used to the grass again. Tonight was another go at the second long run mid week, a 13m jaunt from home in a long wiggle via Ilkley and back. Legs are coping well but the dark is depressing me. Long runs on school nights in the dark are about as tough as it gets I reckon. Bring on the marathon...


ultra collie said...

the mental toughness is as important as the physical rb. many more of those dark soggy nights to i sound like doom and gloom or what! keep going.

kate said...

long runs mid week and in the dark-nice one. keep at it :)

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