Saturday, 17 October 2009

Hard Core

I impressed even myself with my roughtie toughtie training earlier today. After some gruelling miles through the week I was keen to get a tough tempo session in. Original plans had been to run the National Road Relays at Sutton Park for the club but the ladies team didn't get it together in the end. So I waved off M this morning on his own journey in the boys' bus for the men's 6-stage at Sutton Park. He was a bit trembly running his first National fixture in a Bingley team, especially rubbing shoulders with the likes of John (and Sam) Convery and Stu MacDonald. Really awesome runners.
For me it was a packed day, including visits to see mums and supermarkets and the like. So, I got straight out, running from home, looping via Nesfield on the back road to Denton. After a couple of miles warm up I ran my first 5k tempo effort and felt pretty smooth despite my tired legs. The miles splits were nicely under 6 minutes each but the trick was keeping enough in reserve for the second set. Passing Denton I clocked the first 5k and ran a recovery mile out towards Askwith returning to complete a second 5k finishing at golf course corner. The second rep was a bit tougher, as I battled a bit of a headwind and the traffic being less forgiving. Again the reps were near the 6 minute mark if a bit slower but still a healthy pace.

Am chuffed to bits as was making mental allowances for the long run still in my legs from Thursday - a good effort today. A jog home to warm down brought me back to a cosy house, hungry kids and a bubble bath before setting out again for some mum time. M returned home safe early evening. Though initially a bit disappointed with his run, he eventually accepted that tough training through the week does not = fresh legs for racing. The Bingley boys still did pretty good by the sounds on a challenging and longer than 5k course, mixing it with a world class field. Results here.


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