Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Posh Stuff

After my hard work on Saturday churning out the 5k efforts I opted for a more restful run out on Sunday, a nice trail run to grab a break from the tarmac and extending the lovely Strid run a few miles to sneak in 12m. Though I'm keen to maintain the long run momentum I also want to feel fresh for my race at the weekend, the English 10m Champs within the Great South Run. The entry list is now here. OMG. The elite line up is awesome. And then there's poor little me. I'm gonna need all the help I can get to stay in sight of the elite ladies pack. I'm trying to mentally prepare for what it'll feel like to trot through in last place. As you can see the little boy genius went all cross-eyed and giggly when I told him the news.

My secret weapon however will be a trip to a very posh spa on Saturday. A visit to M's family will lighten up the scarey weekend and as a treat M's sis has arranged a day for us to be properly pampered in the poshest spa in the South. We've got a funny flotation type experience thingy booked as well as facials and a pedicure. M is having special manly versions of the same treatments, a 'Turbo facial' and 'Mach pedicure' to help instil feelings of increased manliness. Apparently we get to pootle about all day in flip flops and bath robes whilst supping tea (and I'll no doubt be screaming for my strong coffee by 11am). We'll be generally lolling about all day but I'm convinced I'll be bored. M assures me its gonna be fun and a fantastic way to prepare for race day.I'll have pretty toes at least.


Mark H said...

All the best for Sunday.You're on great form and I'm sure you'll more than do yourself justice.
I wish I was doing it again.Think I may enter for next year.
Don't forget to wave to the tv cameras for all your friends and blog followers :-)

Hayfella said...

Have a fab spa day and all the very best for the race. We're all rooting for you.

Old Runningfox. said...

Just been looking at the entry list. What an incredible line-up. You should feel really proud to be ranked amongst that lot but it's nothing more than you deserve. Give it all you've got Sarah. I'm sure you'll do us proud.
Go, go, go!

kate said...

sounds like my worst nightmare but hope it works for you ;)

have a great run and enjoy the company-good luck!

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