Gosh, it seems that all of a sudden I can access this site at work! Just thought I'd give posting something from my desk a wee try. I'm back at work and miserable now after 3 weeks of mostly rainy bliss. Yuck. I'm in a very strange head space and after weeks away from the Leeds commute and office life I feel like I've just landed on another planet. I want to go home. I'll just have to think about marathon plans to get me through this Monday feeling. I'm gonna press publish now, hope this works...


  1. don't worry rb, without the monday blues you don't the friday afternoon highs! have a good run tonight :)

  2. i know the feeling but contrary to kates comment maybe its time to consider a 'plan b'

  3. Thanks guys, yes 'plan b' is under full consideration but no bright ideas yet. Something that lets me work flexible hours, preferably from home, that's fun, creative, challenging and pays ok. Any ideas?


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