Monday, 10 August 2009

Marathon Meanderings

It was pure torture to be back at the office today. I’ve even got a headache from all that time at the computer, and that’s despite my building endurance base as a regular running blogger. Getting up with an alarm was annoying too. I’ve not really been lazin’ about these last couple of weeks but there’s something about getting up for work that seems so much harder than any other day when you don’t really have to be anywhere. I bet you can tell I’ve been in better moods. The lottery escape plan was a failure this weekend too.

I’ve been cheering myself up with some marathon reading on the way home; ‘Running with the Legends’ is a compilation of chapters from our Olympic greats loaned by running mate Ewan W. It’s an inspiration but also fascinating to see the diversity in perspectives on training. I’m finding it a bit confusing so I’m now compiling a list of all the good sessions that have popped up so far. Some sound frightening and I just can’t imagine being in the kind of shape to survive training at that level unscathed.

In building up to the start in the New Year M & I ran another long one this weekend; a 16 miler with the ever smiley Josie H. We ran a sound and steady pace via a mother of a climb, taking in Guiseley & Yeadon via Hollins Hill, then looping round and down to the canal & Bingley. M was frisky fresh which was great to see after his fears about the longer sessions. Another challenging training week planned ahead for us both before my last race at Burnsall and the fortnight ease down.
Bring it on.


ultra collie said...

ee! what are you like blogging away taxpayers money ! ;)
i'm amazed that you can be planning your marathon sooooo far out! but then you're an elite runner and i am an unelite one..that probably explains it all!

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