Wednesday, 12 August 2009


I'm feeling on a real training high at the moment as some strength slowly returns to these legs. Another good quality session at Seedhill was done and dusted last night. After the long run on Sunday I was keen to see if I’d enough juice left for my planned intervals session last night & was chuffed at how fresh and frisky I felt for the session; this bodes well for those scary lookin' marathon schedules. Again the intervals focused on a shorter recovery and more reps with a view to building this up even further in the winter. I managed all the 800m intervals within 2 seconds of each other, finishing with the fastest two and generally feeling like I did at the start of the year; with a bit of juice left to power through the last 100m. It’s good to be feeling this way again instead of the flat and frumpy RB of recent months.
Anyway, it was bit of a come down to find that I seem to have missed out on an entry to the Burnsall 10m that I'd hope to race in next week. M has just discovered there are no entries on the day (according to some small print in an obscure section of the website!). I can’t believe it as it says nowt on the entry form and we've previously entered on the day without issue. I’m a bit gutted as there’s very little else on that weekend that’s so local and besides, its a lovely race. Have been out for a steam around the Strid tonight to blow the office cobwebs out. Will have to decide on summat else; a 10m at Blackpool or 10k near Warrington look like the only alternatives but involve more of a trek out than planned.


Old Runningfox said...

Hi there,
Surely there must still be time to enter the Burnsall 10. Try emailing Jim Maxfield and ask if it's OK to stick your entry in the post.

Runningbear said...

Thanks RF: have emailed but no response - I've since tried to ring him and he's on his hols so will email and hope he's had a good break and feeling charitable!

Old Runningfox said...

If Jim's on holiday try ringing Alan Stockdale this evening. I believe he has something to do with entries too. His number is 01756 720612

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