Saturday, 8 August 2009

Foody Europhiles

A nice day was had today, not just because of the easy running but good food also featured heavily. We made our way to Seedhill track for an easy strides session; I trotted out 12x300m with short recoveries for a 'not too tough but good for form' type session. M did his own thing with some 100m strides. We hurried back in time for the European market in full swing in Ilkley - it was food heaven with all kinds of culinary treats.
Our inherent food traits kicked in as soon as M sniffed the giant sausage stalls, (they were almost as big as me!). I remained fixated by the giant Dutch waffles drenched in chocolate sauce and was then hypnotised for 15 minutes by the Breton tart stall. In the end I was pretty good and indulged in a Breton Far, which was a yummy delight and not dissimilar to the traditional Bakewell pud; a sort of set custardy centre wrapped in soft pastry. After dribbling at the sight of gorgeous cheeses and patisserie we dragged ourselves to the park for a sunbathe on the grass, M with a giant chocolate muffin in his paws. Fuel for the long run tomorrow was ample justification.


kate said...

i've not been back to the local french market since i bought a brie the size of my head-it's for my own good ;)

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