Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Telly Leftovers

Three days into the ease down and I’ve got ants in my pants already. I managed to restrain myself with an easy 5 miler on Sunday morning and then an even easier run last night. My legs seems to be remarkably unaffected by the race on Saturday which is pretty unusual for me; I normally need to descend stairs and pavement curbs backwards for a couple of days after a hard race further than 10k. Anyway, I won’t complain and instead be glad of the rest. The ease down has also reached other parts; I’ve completely stuffed my face with really bad things these last few days. A big pub meal on Saturday night complete with a pudding (all to myself as everyone else was stuffed) then a very naughty sausage & egg butty with lashings of brown sauce for Sunday lunch and then another meal out on Sunday night. I was expecting to find a mini-muffin top developing but the scales say otherwise this morning. I can do no wrong it seems. That or I must be dreaming…

M on the other hand is suffering a pretty sore Achilles and as a result is under enforced rest after race day. He’s now thinking he’ll take his ease down early, and rest up with me to give the pesky tendon some time to recover. He’s a bit fed up as you’d expect so we’re consoling ourselves with telly leftovers. Our house was a telly free zone at the weekend but our visitors have gone and its time to catch up. Another relaxed and easy run tonight and then telly it is.


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