Sunday, 23 August 2009

Racing Highs

Just a quickie whilst our visitors sleep off our Saturday night (I also got a bit 'pished' at the pub) and I guess blogging whilst our guests look on is not good hostess behaviour. We had a really lovely day at Burnsall yesterday. Big thanks to the organisers for another lovely event this year, see results here. The weather was gorgeous if a little bit too warm for this tough 10m but we were ready for a great race. This was to be my last trip out before a bit of an ease down so I was really up for enjoying the event and then indulging in lots of cake and that amazing ginger ice-cream at Katie's Kiosk, with the spectacle of the fell race and the end of day presentations to look forward to.

Though M & I we were a bit worried by the hot sun (neither of us cope that well racing in the heat) we managed to keep our cool and ran a strong race. I was determined to run a sensible start knowing the climbs to come in the later miles and somehow managed a negative split for the second 5m. This was a bit of a wonder and I'm not quite sure how I managed it, particularly if you know the tough climbs in the second half of this cult classic. There was also plenty of much appreciated support all around the course from Mr T of Complete Runner and fellow club mates, including Stewart M who kept me driving for that sub hour result. We ran in great company with some fine Otley and Bingley boys, including our mate Julian M, (who is clearly getting his old racing form back) and Kevin O who had a strong run and added to the fine sea of Bingley vests. I also had the pleasure of bumping into fellow blogger Old Runningfox who also had a great run, finishing as first local but rather unjustly not having an age group prize to celebrate his incredible achievements & fine vintage.
Anyway, M also finished very strongly in a quality field to come 14th overall, 3rd V40 and 3rd counter for the men's team with a 2nd team prize! I finished 7th overall and first lady with a lead in the end of over 5mins. Most of all I was chuffed to just sneak under the hour on this course - I didn't think I'd be anywhere near that time so it was a great feeling to finish this latest training phase with a strong and testing run; confirmation that my fitness is back for the more competitive racing this Autumn. It'll also keep me focused as I've just heard I've got an elite start at the English Champs 10m event in October! Yikes, I can hardly wait.


Anonymous said...

Superb run Sarah, well done! And Marc's run wasn't too shabby either! Nige

Mark h said...

Well done both of you.
Sub 60 on that course suggests you're in pb shape.
You will blast round that Great South Run course and demolish your pb.
Not that I would want to put you under pressure or anything !!

I reckon M could also be lowering his pb.s soon.

Josie said...

Well done Sarah, you had an amazing run yesterday!!!! You are on fire, i am so pleased for you, bring on London!!!

I called you earlier but no answer, speak soon.X

Old Runningfox. said...

Hi Sarah,
Cracking race you ran. You were absolutely flying - as the picture on my blog shows. Here's wishing you all the best in future races.

Antony Bradford said...

Well done Sarah. You must be pleased with that - and your training build up. The negative split proving you ran a very controlled race. You are also inco-operating some easy miles in your race weeks, which is so hard to do when your on such a high. You should do really well at the English champs.

ultra collie said...

what a great achievement! well done...yet so modest with it all!

Runningbear said...

Thanks to all of you for those kind, supportive and positive messages.

I feel a bit embarrassed and spoilt by all the good wishes and generous words.

Its great to finish on a high, some nice & easy down time now. Hope it'll make me fresh and frisky for my races starting in september! Thanks again all. RB

kate said...

belated congratulations! so glad to hear that you had a hangover too-you are human ;)

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