Friday, 21 August 2009

Saturn Rings and Smelly Things

Yay, it’s Friday and time to rush around like a loon getting the house ready and shopping sorted before our visitors arrive tomorrow. We need to buy croissants and orange juice and other posh stuff that we never usually eat and then dash off to Burnsall to race, hopefully safe in the knowledge that the house isn’t a complete tip for the arrival of our tired travellers.

M has promised to blast the bathroom (a very stylish avocado suite it is too) and brave an attack on those post-muddy-run Saturn rings. I’m gonna empty the bin as the last mouse victim, rescued too late from the 'little boy genius' is starting to pong! (I know, we are that grim in our household habits). I’ve been delaying the chores since the last visitors left around mid July so there’s at least a month of slobby living to put back in order. It’s a shameful and embarrassing confession but we can’t all be perfect and there’s more to life than moving dust from place to place and pushing a Hoover about. So, an easy 4m tonight to get the legs moving but not working, a final cushion plump and sofa spruce and then a nice stretch out to catch up with our GB antics in Berlin.


Mark h said...

Good luck tomorrow Sarah.

ultra collie said...

4m is a sure lot of hoovering ;)

hope your race goes well and your visitors appreciate your spotless house

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