Thursday, 20 August 2009

Catching Up

I'm getting truly tellied out with all this athletics coverage; how do people manage to watch soaps n stuff through the week? I seem to barely have time for my tea never mind sit and watch all this world champs coverage.
Running wise I've been pretty well behaved and kept to pretty easy stuff after a semi track session on Tuesday; an 8x400m session with very even splits and pretty short recovery. Have since spent the last couple of days easy running on tired legs that are definitely ready for some resting up. A last push racing on Saturday before some down time to recharge. Lots of good food and rest planned as well as a bit of catching up with jobs undone and avoiding tantrums from running withdrawal. I'll have to seek blog inspiration from elsewhere. Now, back to that telly.


ultra collie said...

tha yorkshire telly's reet modern rb ;)

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