Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Great Escape

Testing times this week as I start to ease down the training; I really enjoy my running so get a real buzz out of the heavy mileage weeks [I’m a freak I know]. Since I’ve decided on the marathon plan I’m having to constantly check myself that I’m not getting too enthusiastic and don’t try to do too much too soon. It’s made worse by all this exciting stuff on the telly which just makes me want to run faster & longer. I really have to stop thinking about racing so much on training runs; it’s an injury waiting to happen.

There’s also the two week recovery ease down planned to start next Sunday. No doubt this will be interesting [insert 'painful' here] for M and a challenge to
my will power. I’m only allowing myself short, easy stuff with no long runs or hard sessions. It’ll be even harder whilst my green eyes look on at M who continues to indulge in full-training and who will no doubt be taunting me with his hill reps and long runs; the devil. Writing this makes me realise the freakish addictive sport that running is, or is it me? Most people need to be dragged out to exercise. I could do it all day long, if only someone paid me [ahem, any reasonable offers considered by the way].

With a couple of weeks of frustrated tantrums ahead M is relieved that I’m planning a distraction as well as my long term escape plan and enrolling on a night class. The plan might also work as a strategy to build in rest from marathon training through the winter. I’ve been fancying myself doing a bit of sports massage – particularly the hands on, making people hurt bit. A mate inspired me to do it with her so here goes! Monday nights for the next 6 months are all about a new vocation. Or a bit of a sideline hobby at least. Track efforts tonight; straight to the track after work for some lung busting 400s. Wish me luck!


Mark h said...

Good luck !
When things are going well (as they are with you), it becomes like a drug and is very addictive.
I'm having to take a few days out due to hurting my foot towards the end of Sundays race and am suffering withdrawal symptoms and worrying about losing fitness and putting on weight.
Daft or what ?

Runningbear said...

Hi MH, well done for your run at the weekend but really sorry to hear you had to battle with a poorly foot! Hope you can get back out on it soon, you must be hell at home ; )
Is it very serious?

Mark h said...

Nah , I'm Mr. Philosophical me.
Race was going well and I was on for 61 mins , but the last 5 miles were into a cruel headwind.
The only consolation was the first lady who was just in front of me did 59 mins for 10m 3 weeks ago , so I guess I didn't do too bad.

Am hoping to run again on Friday , then it's sunny Cyprus next week ... yipee!

ultra collie said...

i reckon there's a sadist in every sports masseur ;)
the 'break' will do you wonders im sure..while we're all off doing secret double training

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