Monday, 17 August 2009

Quivering Quads

What a lovely day Sunday was. Got home feeling pretty pooped after a 15m recce of the Yorkshireman route. Though I raced this one last year I never cease to be amazed at my capacity to forget race routes. I clearly pay no attention to where I’m going when I’m ‘in the zone’ and this perhaps gives some context to my accidental extra half mile around the Wharfedale HM a few weeks ago. Anyway, M & I took the course pretty briskly, whilst I gormlessly tried to remember patches of track and turnings that I have absolutely no recollection of. I was also secretly wondering why I’ve entered this killer of a HM at the start of my next training phase; I’ll be stuffed for at least a week after those climbs and descents & the memory of all those aches & pains after last year is making my quads quiver...

We spent the remainder of the afternoon entertaining and avoiding news of World Champs, saving our slice of athletics excitement for a chilled evening of telly. Watching this stuff makes me very emotional; it’s such an inspiration and makes me all choked up and teary. On the back of this fantastic motivational fuel, I’m increasingly determined to make a good job of this winter’s training, which includes building in proper recovery around the tough stuff. I’ve Saturday’s 10m race to get through and then a two week planned ease down to do just that. The mileage will then build again to peak for Xmas time with the Ribble Valley 10k as the final flourish. I’ve just entered Ribble online & notice it’s the Northern Champs too. How much motivation does a girl need…!


ultra collie said...

i reckon you cant remember the route because you're going so fast!
sounds like youre totally geared up mentally and physically for some great autumn outings. fantastic

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