Sunday, 16 August 2009


What a day for athletics! She did it! And so did he! 9.58!!! With all the excitement of gold medals and massive world records, I'm having inspiration overload. It might be dangerous to go on any runs in the next 24 hrs with the events of today swirling around my brain. This is great fuel for that next tough race. Awesome.


Antony Bradford said...

You can use it as fuel for your next race and to gain some advantage. Most athletes(at all levels) use some kind of mental visual techniques to imagine that they are top athletes and they are competing at world class level. It's fairly easy to trick your mind into changing the scenery and imagining your somewhere else. Also try 'changing' those around you in a race into top class athletes.

Hope this is helpful for Saturday.
Have a good run.

kate said...

best telly since the tour :)

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