Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Fit to Burst

The days are dragging with this rationed running. Had a dull, dull day writing and researching a paper for work today and resorted to some serious clock watching for that special moment to pull the trainers on and get out of the door. The grey drizzle and cool air has never been so welcome. Have also been naughtily distracted by some more training plan tweaking for the coming months. I've been reading about the tempo run and how good it is for marathon training to build up to at least 15m at marathon goal pace (!!) in a competitive runner's programme. Since reading this I've been ensconced in fiddling with my spreadsheet further [note that I'm up to about 5m to date]. That's a lot of running.


Simon Anderson said...

What are you reading? Flirting with the idea of a winter marathon to regain some focus.

kate said...

sounds painful but i expect nothing less from you ;)

ultra collie said...

keith anderson takes his top runners to that volume but at tempo pace not marathon pace. even harder!

Runningbear said...

Hi Simon,
I've read all sorts of stuff and named a few texts in earlier posts. I've been blending a programme - stealing from a few basic sources -all of it is pretty simple stuff and nothing you don't already know.
For quick reference there's Mike Gratton's stuff at His marathon schedule for county standard runners is a basis for my marathon plan in the New Year.
Road Racing for Serious Runners is also a great book with the basic principles written very concisely. This book has been the foundation of much of my training in the last year.
Lastly, a more recent resource I've dipped into for some inspired sessions is the Running Planet Site - the training articles section has a range of links on the left-hand sidebar on the page pasted below. It is an amazingly comprehensive run down of the what, how and why of essential training for all distances:
Enjoy, Rb.

Runningbear said...

Thanks K & UC, I think this is gonna be a tough winter. Its hard to imagine doing all this stuff. Will take it one mile at a time. 15m at tempo pace though. That's more than Yorkshire hard. That's nuts.

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