Monday, 3 August 2009

Running Double

Another week off work ahead (woohoo!) which was also blessed with a bit of sun today. Just in time for my plans to give the monster living around our front door a bit of a haircut, or rather a scare-cut given the state of the finished article. Our Clematis has been threatening to take over the house and after M had resorted to crawling on hands & Knees through the front door I thought I'd better get on with some pruning. Clem is looking a bit bald now and our lush, green canopy will no longer shelter us from the elements whilst we fumble with our door keys. So, no more rain for a while please.

I've been building doubles into my training very gradually and this Summer I hope to have embedded this practice so much so that when Winter marathon training starts it wont be such a shock to the legs to be covering all those miles. The merits of the double are several but I've noticed in particular how it shifts any stiffness from my legs after a heavy session and freshens me up for an evening run. I ran a very leisurely recovery 5 this morning and then came to do my 6 steady tonight and I was tanking round. My legs couldn't turn fast enough to keep my heart rate up. More importantly, doubles also mean more room for cake and other equally nice baked goods.


Anonymous said...

Hi Runningbear. I did recce Roundhill last Tuesday night with Andy R, Josie, Matt Cox and Jamil. There was a massive group of Ilkley Harriers there too who were also mad enough to run across that wet and windy bleak landscape. I teased Matt that I might run it, but I stuck to helping out with various duties on the day. Turned out quite nice, but it became very cold on checkpoint 4 near that little house. Sadly, after clearing up afterwards all the runner's ate all the cakes!
I did look out for you as I was aware about you running it. Increase from last years 90+ to 154 starters/finishers.
I am still mixing my training. Had a fast run after getting home from work on my bike. Had some drunks shout out what's the rush. 'Sorry I don't do jogging'
My brother is running Arncliffe 4 this weekend (I don't know). Burnsall 10 (Hmm, I don't know) See you soon hopefully :)

Anonymous said...

Yes thats right I should be in bed at this time. ...Now I'm going :)

ultra collie said...

doubles? marathon training? whatever next rb! ah, i know...ultras! ;)

Runningbear said...

Hi Ian, thanks for posting - hope to see you at Burnsall, the prize giving is always entertaining (do you need another jet washer?)

Hi UC, lets not run before we can walk : )
Hope you enjoyed running in the sunshine.

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