Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Pics & Elvis Tricks

I enjoyed a rather nice and lazy start to the day after dropping M off for the train this morning; ambling home with a paper and mooching about for an hour or so before a nice & gentle social run with the Complete Runner this morning. Of course, marathon talk featured heavily in the topics for discussion. I then spent the remainder of the day fiddling with my camera and software whilst it mostly drizzled outside. I'm getting quite used to this lady of leisure lifestyle, I think it suits me.

However, I didn't get off too easily as a tough training session soon followed M's return home tonight. Back to hill efforts, which felt like very hard work after the toughest training week ever last week. The plan was 8x3mins; a little ambitious after the weekend. M was also a bit wobbly so neither of us really attacked the session but sort of whimpered through it. We pulled off 7 reps in the end on a real killer hill. My legs were tying up after #5 so by #7 I had proper Elvis wobbles and thought it best to call it quits. I'd rather save myself for a good session on Thursday; a 4 mile threshold thrashing in the middle of a 12 mile run.


Love Running The Fells said...

Crikey Lady you train hard!! Well done!

kate said...

lady of leisure, more like lady of lactic acid!

ultra collie said...

am loving your retro polaroid you have to warm them in your armpit to develop still? :)

Runningbear said...

Yep, I'm the lactic queen,legs are lead today but should be ready for another hammering tomorrow. Not long before my rest though, two more weeks and then a running break for me : )

Thanks UC, glad you're enjoying the effect as much as me. The process does indeed involve much virtual wafting about!

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