Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Recovery Rocks

What a difference the sun makes. Had a great day today, out and about with my camera again, this time scrambling around the Cow & Calf on Ilkley Moor. A perfect day for pictures with lots of cumulus casting dramatic shadows across the valley floor and a deep blue sky to add some interesting contrast. I could definitely get used to spending my days like this; a nice & early start for a short run with M before breakfast and then chores out of the way in the morning, a bit of fiddling about on the laptop followed by an afternoon walking on the moors snapping the glorious views.
The old legs are a bit weary today after the heavy hill reps last night. M was feeling pretty done in too so we stuck to a much more relaxed pace tonight and treated it as a second recovery run. It'll be no good if we can't muster some energy for the threshold run tomorrow. Threshold workouts are my least favourite training session of all and probably the most important for that very reason. Is it true that the toughest bits are usually your weakest bits? I reckon it must be so. I'm just gonna have to be a brave soldier and give it my best. Maybe some baking should feature tomorrow afternoon to ensure I've a treat or two ready to reward myself after the run.


ultra collie said...

im with you on thresholds being the least favoured/hardest session. however many miles of constant comfortably hard effort just needs a carrot (read cake/beer/bacon bap/whatever) waiting at the end yes?

kate said...

get baking! like your photos btw :)

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