Thursday, 6 August 2009

A Tempo Tickling

Well the anticipated tempo thrashing ended up being more of a tickling; why do I always build up these sessions to be horrid in my head? M & I both left the house anticipating a gut wrenching session of 12 miles including a 4 mile threshold run. We were unsure if we'd make it. The distance is less of an issue, but a tempo run in the middle?!
Anyway, we ran a couple of miles warm up from home before starting the threshold effort, starting just after Nesfield at Golf Course Corner. We followed a linear route, crossing the iron bridge at Ben Rydding then left towards Burley; a boring course but pretty good for road crossings. We finished the threshold effort just short of Burley roundabout and then turned back for a steady 6 home. We were both pleased to have run very consistent splits and the session felt very controlled and almost comfy! Actually, not that comfy, my head's distorting things in that post-run mental glow. But, I managed to keep the heart rate hovering firmly over 4.9 with a slight rise to 5.1 on the final finishing hill.

So, session done and mucho relief for both of us that it wasn't quite as horrid as we'd expected. Encouraging too as these runs feature pretty heavily in all the marathon training I've read about. I'm loving the planning, though I still have to be convinced of the right approach to the long run. Should one run over race distance for the marathon? Any good reading to get to the bottom of this would be welcome. So, easy Friday and strides at the track on Saturday before my favourite sesh on Sunday; 16 miles of uninterrupted running - even better now I've a marathon to be thinking about.


Mark h said...

Hi Sarah.
I found a 22m run once and about 8 20 milers to be ample.These done on undulating routes , whereas London is totally flat.

Regarding the threshold runs , I used to do a 16 mile run with 30 mins fast in the middle , building this up by 5 mins each week until the fast section was 50 mins.
A real killer , but it made the race times come down.

Mark h said...

By the way , I've been on a high since Wednesday night.
I got a lifetime best 5k at Hyde Park (17.57).
It's taken me 5 years of trying to crack sub 18.
Just goes to prove anythings possible in running , with a bit of dedication and perseverence !

Roll on Darlington on Sunday.

ultra collie said... you ARE serious about the marathon..i didn't know whether you were joking.
as a rule of thumb, but bearing in mind everyone is different, your 5 longest runs should total 100miles. keith anderson whose camp i went on is dead against doing the distance or over in training for those new to the distance..would seem to make sense...he advocates no more than 22miles max.
which one are you doing? an autumn one i take it.

ultra collie said...

sorry one other thing which i need to do more of is running at your targetted marathon pace lots in the few weeks prior to race day.
stupidly, and knowingly so, i run faster, slower but rarely at target pace. i'm hoping to change that from now on

Gary Dunn said...

The best thing about a marathon is it sets you a big goal to head towards instead of training for lots of little races. I would definetly say get them long runs done and the last three or four of them I would be tanking around them as well. My down fall this year was not enough long hard miles prior to the marathon. Planning is a must as you need to be on that start line keen as mustard, fresh and raring to go. If someone struggles jogging 22 miles how the hell can they expect to race 26.2 miles. I have no doubt what so ever you will train hard enough and will do really well in your first marathon.

Runningbear said...

Hi Mark H - saw your fantastic result, really well done, had been waiting for the Hyde Park results on the web to see how you ran, you must be so chuffed! Best wishes for Darlington.

UC - thanks for the input, am doing London in Spring but I've always been a bit of a planner! Want to have some endurance build up before I start a 16 week build up so am getting in there early with the thinking!

GD - I agree Gary, I'm really enjoying have a focus for the next few months and already enjoying the preparation towards a big goal though realise it will be tough in the Winter months. Thanks for your encouragement.


Mark h said...

Thanks for the well dones RB.
My first pb for 3 years at any distance , so one to savour.
Darlington 10k today I did 37:21.
About 30 secs slower than I wanted , but not a disaster.
It was still my fastest 10k for 3 years , but I badly want that sub 36 at Abbey Dash !

Runningbear said...

Hi Mark, well done for your Darlington result. Shows you're on the return to form and will be blistering for the fast Winter races! See you at Hyde park again soon maybe, RB.

Mark h said...

Cheers Sarah.
Was toying with HPTT again this Saturday , but have opted for a 10 miler at St. Annes , ( my favourite distance ).
Am sure I'll see you and M again soon tho'.
Hope the work blues vanish for you.

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