Sunday, 2 August 2009

Its All In The Planning

Have been truly inspired in my running these last couple of days with a proper marathon to look forward to next year. I've done nothing this weekend but obsess about the training and have googled the subject to death. I've come across a pretty hefty but impressive training programme from a former running star. Mike Gratton's site gives two parallel programmes (relating to how many miles you are prepared to train). I think you need to be running 80+ miles per week to be in the mix for a very competitive time. Its a serious commitment but I can't help but think how well friends have been running since taking on marathon training and am already imagining how great my HM and 10k racing would feel. I kind of want to get started already which I'm sure is a wee bit premature. Anyway, it'll be no surprise to my mates that I've already a spreadsheet on the go and am planning my 18 week build up to that special day in April 2010. I realise getting round in one piece is the first priority but its all so exciting.

Today was also a step towards building a sound base for the marathon mileage, M & I ran a steady but strong 15 again on the canal. I've also had the biggest training week ever in my 4 (or is it 5) year running career and I feel really good. This is the stuff I have to watch though; once I start with that invincible feeling it could all end in tears. I'll be good and not get carried away; only 3 more weeks before my recovery fortnight. I'll try to distract myself with designs for my comic London costume.


kate said...

you sound on a real high :) is that 80m a week? is that near the end of the programme? it just sounds so much. but then again i've never been a contender for a 'good' time ;)

Mark H said...

That's the great thing about running.It's such a simple thing but it can give you such a high.
I just love your enthusiasm RB
I like the invincible comment , it almost feels like you took on board what we spoke about yesterday :-) . . . but it is so true.

80 miles a week is a lot Kate , but I manage 70 miles on 6 runs per week , near the end of the programme , and I'm a lot older !

Runningbear said...

Thanks you 2 - really enjoying the planning as it feels like the start of a new project.

I think the mileage sounds a lot but is not really when you read accounts of competitive marathoners.

Love Running The Fells said...

I could only spare max 35 miles per week for london but managed a good time for me; 3hrs 40! You'll whizz round the course and your dedication is already evident! Good luck! x

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