Saturday, 1 August 2009

A Big Decision

After the extensive rainfall this week and then being advised to wear my scruffiest pair of water wings for the Round Hill fell race on Sunday, M & I decided against the bog trotting option and decided instead to do a 5k time trial on this fine and drizzly Saturday morning; giving us space for a nice long run tomorrow. The time trial was the usual, gut wrenching, lung bursting slog around Leeds Hyde Park. All this at far too early an hour for the porridge to have settled but at least it got us home for 10.30am; in time to pick up the Saturday papers and wallow for the afternoon.
The 5k was a great replacement threshold session for the race plan tomorrow and added to my continued efforts to sharpen up for the Autumn. We were also very pleased to bump into Mark H from another local club, Rothwell. Mark has been known to visit this very blog from time to time and he (as well as being a very lovely chap) is a very experienced road runner. He inspired us both with his accounts of races near and far, including some fine tips on marathon preparation. This, coupled with one or two other recent chats with some local marathoners has inspired me to take that final step. Oh yes. I have decided, ahem...[drum roll] ...I'm going to enter the 2010 London Marathon!
There. Wow. My first marathon. Have now said it out loud. Have been getting all excited about it and after looking on the website today I qualify for a championship entry (and possibly even an elite entry) based on my HM time. Bonus! So. Have spent the rest of this afternoon planning it all. London in April, Berlin in September. And lots of miles in between. I'm sooo excited.


Anonymous said...

I'm really excited you are doing the London Marathon in 2010. It will be good to see another friendly face on the day. We'll have to compare training schedules - best of luck with it!

Mark H said...

Great to meet you both today.
Am so pleased you've decided to take the plunge for London next year.
You won't regret it.
The English 10m championship is indeed the Great South Run.The closing date is late September.I can thoroughly recommend it !

Runningbear said...

Good luck for the race Tricky, hope that calf has loosened up nicely. Am eager to see how you get on over 10k after your recent form. Also looking forward to some London training chats. I've had a bit of a stab at a training plan but would be keen to share and see how this fits with what you've used already, RB.

Mark: Thanks for the recommendation, have already emailed BUPA GR organisers for an elite entry - might at least get the entry free! Good luck in your 5k and at Darlington, will watch out for the results. RB.

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