Monday, 31 August 2009


What a weekend of eating treats! The well known supermarket chain T**** are selling Ben & Jerry's at half price! I have never eaten so much ice-cream over one weekend; having now worked my way through a pot of Phish Food, the Baked Alaska and now the Cherry Garcia. It might even be a world ice-cream scoffing record. Its been heaven.
The gorging on ice-cream has now led to guilt pangs. I've been repenting by making a mountain of hummus with my hard won food processor; my ladies prize from the Burnsall 10m. What a proper domestic goddess I am. The home made hummus is gorgeous but there's just a mountain of the stuff and I don't think I'm gonna work through it all. Does it freeze well I wonder...
Anyway, I need some distractions from the continuous temptation to bolt out of the front door for a sneaky run. Have only done an easy 5m today after a very well behaved weekend and am just counting the days until I can get back to some proper running. To add to my restlessness I got a very exciting call yesterday; I've been asked to run in the regional squad in two weeks time at the Nottingham Half Marathon. I'm sooo chuffed! But also a bit torn; M & I had planned a return to the Yorkshireman this year. But, the chance of a Yorkshire & Humberside vest is really exciting, I'll travel down with the squad to the hotel and race on Sunday. This feels like too good a chance to miss; I guess as a Vet I'd given up on the chance to do anything like this. So, looks like an unexpected trip to Nottingham might be on the cards.


Julbags said...

Not sure houmous will freeze???!! To continue your journey to domestic goddessness you need an ice cream maker (cheapy churner will do) and the Ben and Jerry ice cream recipe book.

I make my own Cherry Garcia (favourite ice cream ever) and now need to make a batch which is all your fault.

And congrats on the vest, the ease down will pay off I'm sure.

ultra collie said...

best ease of the treats :( now so you give it your all at notts. bet you're dead excited.

kate said...

can you turn the houmous into falafels? that's great news, a new vest for your collection. i'll head down to the finish to get your autograph ;)

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