Saturday, 29 August 2009

Shhhh. Footy's On...

Just grabbin' a few mins whilst the footy's on; M & the kids are glued to the telly, (yes the cats are Arsenal fans too). In between the downpours yesterday I squeezed in a wet trot around the hockey pitches and so today it felt a real treat to get out for a proper run in lovely fresh, sunny weather.
We drove over to meet friends Kevin O and Tricky for a sort of fartlek/intervals/XC prep session at Nunroyd Park; the home of the legendary quagmire that was our most local XC league event last year. The route is an undulating grassy circuit of about 1.5 miles providing plenty of interest; the course still bears the scars of the deep muddy ruts created by last year's league race. We ran an easy warm up and then a frisky 12 x 1min efforts around the circuit. The session whizzed by and it felt great to get the old spikes on again - they feel like slippers but without the snuggly, fluffy bits inside. This is the only bit of work I'm allowed for the next fortnight and it felt just right; not enough to tire but enough to perk my legs up. M's Achilles was fine too so hopefully that worry is over for him. We've the same planned again next week before resuming our road miles and then building the volume to peak at Xmas. It's certainly proving to be quite hard to hold back. I've not really tired of training this last phase but I've got to trust the resting up will pay off later on. Great to see Tricky & Kev too - we'd so much catching up to do which was most welcome over several pints of coffee. A lovely end to a satisfying morning.


Omeleteer said...

M's corner of wisdom

When the monkey of hesitation
Takes a leaf from the tree of possibility
Then shall the runner know

kate said...

does the donning of spikes mean an official change of season?

Runningbear said...

I think it sort of does. That mouldy aroma in the spike bag is definitely a sign of autumn.

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