Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Churning & Curtailing

Back to the office today after a nice long weekend. I say nice; its definitely less nice when the running is curtailed. Instead I've eaten everything in sight and mourned the passing of the last summer bank holiday, comforted only by the satisfying sensation of even more B & J's ice-cream in my belly. Cheerful soul aren’t I. Tonight will probably be the first run out on a winter favourite, the 'big dipper' 8.
It’s a little bit sad to think those dark mornings will soon be upon us. Though the mouldy aroma of unwashed XC spikes and clear blue skies promise a fresh and cool autumn. It’ll be good to be free of those pesky flies that seem intent on blinding me and a change over to those snuggly woollies for cosy nights in front of the fire. I was also cheered up by Jumbly’s comment yesterday that I might make infinite amounts of Cherry Garcia ice-cream for myself by purchasing a Ben & Jerry’s book and an ice-cream churner; something else to keep me occupied in the winter months. I wonder if my appetite for the cold stuff will wane as the winter sets in…

I’ve also been a bit panicked at the thought of running in Nottingham in two weeks time after all this self-indulgence. But, I’m relieved to say the scales were kind to me this morning; a pleasant shock after over a week of scoffing any pudding in sight. I’m also struggling to resist the temptation to get back to full training with this regional team thing on the horizon. I know fellow bloggers will be eternally grateful when my resumption of full training begins; marking a sweet end to my constant moaning. Ee, a true Yorkshire lass that I am. Just need to keep going for 5 more days. I will not be distracted. I will not risk a repeat of the spring that was burn-out, big style. Focus Runningbear, Focus.


ultra collie said...

like kate, you're very upbeat about autumn. please send me some positive vibes. usually i am too but maybe i'm in mourning for the english summer that never was! except for the flies!

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