Friday, 3 July 2009

Wrecked Recce Legs

It was a nice change to run out on away terrain tonight. M & I planned for an early finish at work & managed to get out of the office by 5pm for a guided recce with Nigel A again around the Pudsey 10k Challenge route.

This is a bit of an anniversary run, being my first ever 10k race as a newcomer to running in 2005. This is a pretty challenging course with some killer hills and tough trail sections. Not one for a time which only adds to the fun; setting pacing aside and forcing you to focus on just running a good race. Though we've not entered yet this is likely to feature as a July fixure along with revisiting one or two other local favourites on and off road this Summer. The tame pace was welcome tonight with pretty tired legs from earlier in the week and a track session to try and pull off tomorrow. Haven't decided what reps to do yet but will be something longer to build in a bit of strength work. I need to burn off a fair bit to warrant a very overdue visit to Lidl. I've been choco softie free for two days now. Its starting to hurt.


ultra collie said...

never mind those do love your apps ;)

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