Saturday, 4 July 2009

Old Times

Another trip over to Nelson track today for an attempt at a longer VO2 session after an interrupted week with the relay and tired old legs. I'd planned for longer efforts today and after a bit of procrastination managed to squeeze out 4x1m reps. The pacing was slower than I'd hoped but the weather continues to challenge me (like the spin?) and I'm feeling a bit blobby legged. The session was still great quality and I definitely worked in the right HR zone for the full 4 reps despite my Garmin losing the plot half way through. I've been missing a few of these tougher longer efforts in recent weeks so felt really chuffed to have got another one in the old bag. The trip to Lidl was productive too; I can properly relax now with my Choco Softie supply fully stocked up once again.

Have since spent this afternoon in a thoughtful mood, looking through old snaps and reflecting on life, the universe & everything, (including my past as a Michael Jackson fanatic and those enthusiastic dance routines I assembled to the Thriller album in my tender years). I happened on this snap of my old street on Silver Jubilee day 1977. Its funny to see so many faces I'd forgotten. A special prize to anyone who can spot Runningbear.


ultra collie said...

id say second from front on the left...the hairstyle's the giveaway :)....were you a star wars fan per chance too ;)

Runningbear said...

Ha, what cheek! Though yes, ahem, big Star Wars fan.
Keep tryin'...

Has the man flu now passed?

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