Sunday, 5 July 2009

5 Rise x 2 = Tired Bear

Eee. Am feeling pretty good in a post-long-run-tired-glow sort of way. Ran on my lonesome this morning for another long Sunday session totalling 16 miles as I continue to try and build up the distance. It wasn't the most sensible session to have planned after a pretty tough VO2 track session on Saturday (breach of rule #1 of the Lonergan running bible) but the mile efforts were run slower than I would have ordinarily paced them so am hoping I've got away with the two hard sessions back to back this time.
The run did feel a bit tougher on the legs this week, especially negotiating the hills on the world famous 5 Rise Locks but I expect that this was also partly pacing - I averaged 7.09 for the 16m including my warm up miles as I'm always a bit faster on my own when I get in zone and run as I feel. I was good and regularly checked the heart rate to avoid working too hard and also opted for a cold soak when I got home; partly for pleasure as the second half was scorching hot but it might help the legs recover after the tough weekend.
Next week will be a bit interrupted again with a couple of short races so no more track work for a week or so. I'm likely to avoid racing the 5k distance unless I have M and club mates recruiting me for relays. I've a bit of a mental block about the short stuff so being encouraged to do a few of these can only be a good thing. A very relaxed evening stretches ahead with a big bowl of Spag Bol to reward my efforts earlier today. Only 12 more days and counting before holidays.


Anonymous said...

Great form - fantastic run. Well done

Simon Anderson said...

I'm thinking of doing the Wagon and Horses 10M and noticed that you and M did this last year. What did you make of it? What's the course like?

See you at Eccup?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for Burn Valley support Sarah your words of wisdom triggered something off in me.

Runningbear said...

Thanks Tricky, hope I'll have some juice left for Wed.

Hi Simon, yes did the W&H 10m. Really enjoyed it though I would warn that the course is hard going - largely because of the very long narrow path for much of the course which is a test of concentration. The running is not all road either so I would do it but perhaps not to expect a fast time particularly. If you're at Eccup might see you there though wont be running.

Well done Ian, great run again and all the more impressive for the time in that sun on that course. What's next?

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