Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Rebuilding Walls

I was thinking today about the psychological challenges of running. More specifically, how I manage the internal tensions of my limited progress (real or imagined), rebuilding my confidence and how I reconnect with my love and enjoyment of the sport. I had decided I'd let go a bit and let the competitive focus slide to just get back to basics. I realised tonight that walls are my key.
I've got a bit of a passion for walls. I sometimes fantasise that I might escape the rat race and just earn my living reassembling ancient, lichen & moss wrapped stones from all those random piles I've carefully picked my way through during running adventures, (that's when I'm not busy in the bakery). So, walls were my inspiring comfort today. They highlight the value of patience and investing in laying strong foundations. I'm carefully rebuilding and trying to remember that enjoying this process, stone by stone is just as important as the end result.
In my search for a fine visual treat by way of illustration I came across this intriguing site: Walls.


ultra collie said...

its kinda like enjoying the journey. now you've got me started. i think 1/2 of me would make a great buddist monk (including running a marathon a day in the nepalese mountains for 'zen') but then half of me is as i am. i just wish we had the courage to go with our heartfelt destiny. but somehow for some reason we dont

Runningbear said...

Hi UC, you old romantic. The monk in the mountains idea is very appealing though not sure how I'd cope without my apps! Would they allow my laptop in do you think!? Not sure playing with widgets is very Zen =]

I do think that I love running because of its simple escape. I've often compared the experience to meditation. The loss of self in is the purest experience I can think of and the closest I've ever come to being 'in the moment'.

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