Thursday, 2 July 2009

Shimmer Me Timbers

I managed to slot in a medium long run tonight, braving the shimmering heat to give these old pins a bit of a stretch out. After two races in the last 3 days it seemed wise to stick to a steady run rather than attempt anything too heavy so opted for a 10 miler at an even pace; a circular route from home, out to Ben Rhydding bridge and back. I was lucky to have company in M and old club mate Justin P who then peeled off to do their extra 2 to make it 12 on this rather hot and bothered road route. The old legs felt some minor effects of the last couple of races but nothing too sore so I should be up for the track this Saturday and another long run on the canal Sunday. I'm still working on building up my long run distance and hope to manage 16m for a second week with a plan to eventually manage 18m with ease on non race weeks. My mind wandered to the Harrogate Road League fixture in Otley tonight. I can't wait to see the results as some good mates will be hoping for a good run and perhaps shake up the usual finishing order at the front end of the race series. Tricky was on fantastic form last night so he should be setting the course alight. Watch out Otley boys, Tricky's on the up!


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