Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Roastin' Relay

Thought I'd better post after causing a frisson of panic for my health and well being amongst my loyal readership out there these last two days. Thanks to those who expressed their concerns for my dental health. Actually, panic was not a wholly universal reaction, I've also had 'constructive' feedback (you know who you are) to stop being so miserable and moaning. I might remind readers that its my birthright to be miserable and moaning, I'm a proper Yorkshire lass.

Anyway the tooth is sorted, I'm alive and well though marginally bushed after a long evening in Danefield Forest for the relays tonight. I turned out with great Bingley blokes Tricky and M for a fine club trio to set the course ablaze; a 3 mile sprint around forest tracks, muddy pits and stony climbs. After registering I then had to bin the boys and swap to a ladies team, (sorry boys). We had a good night, catching up with loads of club mates, new and old and saw some extra friendly faces in Kevin O and Jamil P who offered their support around this sod of a course. They cheered me up despite the clouds of midges and steamy atmosphere.
My run was off my best but a great training session after the rigours of that evil race on Sunday. We won the first ladies team prize and I got fastest ladies leg of the evening which provided two bottles of wine. Result. Just some lovely training left this weekend to enjoy and hopefully a bit of a quieter couple of days at work. Also just over two weeks of work left to go before a fortnight's holidays. Oh yes. Two whole lovely weeks. Can't wait.


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