Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Training Guilt

A real quickie as I really need my bed at this late hour, especially after my embarrassing snoring noises on the train tonight, (though at least I avoided drooling over any neighbour passengers for a change). Am now feeling really guilty after some encouraging and persuasive posts from URC and Hayfella that I should have gone for the hills tonight. You were too late guys. I opted for showing up at the club to do my club runner bit and ran an intervals session on the grass. However, instead of drowning in training guilt I'm gonna change things around and move my hills to Thursday instead. How's that for flexible? They are always excellent training and I always feel virtuous for having done 'em. I do appreciate training input from fellow bloggers who can be a voice of balance and objectivity, so will take on board your feedback.
Tonight ran what equated to 10x460m efforts on very bumpy grass. A great speed & strength session though pace was hard to judge given the running surface. The reps at least were in the right training zone and it felt good to have some club mates for company. Thanks to club mate Tricky as always for his effervescent company though I don't know how he still manages to chat midway through efforts without his lungs bursting. So, hills on Thursday it is.


ultra collie said...

hey RB take no notice of us, we haven't got a clue what we're talking about!

Hayfella said...

He's right!
Sounds like you did a great session anyway. And that's what counts.

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