Monday, 15 June 2009

Hilly Dilemma

Having come off a busy weekend of good running I'm motivated to bank another fine training week with the hope I can also fit in another couple of good quality sessions before the weekend. My training plan has 8x2 minute hill efforts down for tomorrow and this is definitely the week to return to hill hell. But I'm also keen to return to training on club nights and Tuesdays are intervals on the grass with Bingley's great runners et al. Oh gawd! Feel a bit torn as I know either session will be good for me and hill efforts will be a lonely kind of hell. Maybe turning up to the club is more important to get the competitive juices flowing, frolic amongst club mates and bond with my athletic brotherhood...I ran an easy 6 tonight around the village. I'd intended to be a bit daring and try a new route but the rainstorm was a bit of a put off and I stuck instead to an old and comfy route where I knew I could hide from the thunder and lightning should it appear overhead. I'm a girly wuss I know, but an alive girly wuss. Legs felt fairly good though left achilles and calf are still a bit tight from the 600s on Saturday or maybe it was loading all those choco softie boxes into the car...
I will stretch my achilles
I will stretch my achilles
I will stretch my achilles


ultra collie said...

hey rb..i see from your training plan you've ducked out of hills altogether this week! tut tut. they're the best form of running meditation known to mankind.

Hayfella said...

Hello rb. Do the hills. 'Cos that will shame me into going out and doing my '6 pace' on the hills rather than on the flat by the river tomorrow!
BTW. Ferns. Don't get me started. I'm learning to become the co-curator of the National Collection of Polystichum (that's Soft Shield) ferns. I didn't know they existed either, until 2 months ago. But they've been on the Earth for 400 million years, are incredibly varied (well, when you look at 'em closely; they're just green shuttlecocks otherwise)and are rather frondily fabulous. They were all the rage in Victorian times. It's what people did before Big Brother. I could go on. But won't.
PS. They grow on rocky, damp, slopes. So do the hills and you'll see some!

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