Sunday, 14 June 2009

It Wer' Relay Hot!

What a sizzler! Left the house at 9am to drive M to the start of leg 3 at Laycock and the sun had already started to cook the back of my neck and right cheek. I spent the next couple of hours driving the team support vehicle around the course. M had a storming run despite his fears about feeling grotty and worries about letting down the Bingley boys 1st team. All that worry was for nothing; they only went and broke the club record for their leg! Though by mid-way M was feeling the heat and questioning his sanity running on antibiotics and a dodgy week of training but he made it through and his Runningbear was very proud. He ran like a trooper and brought the team in to Silsden within the hour. The Bingley boys on leg 4 flew round pulling back two more teams to second place but P&B were just awesome on the day and took the relay title.
My run was also a tad hot, leaving Ilkley with the mass start at 1.45pm with no cool breeze or clouds for company to keep us fresh. We ran a strong leg, taking the lead of all the ladies teams and finished nearly 8mins in front. This just wasn't enough to make up the 15min lead made by Keighley over the preceding leg 4. My pair Ruth W ran like a good 'un and gave her all. We crossed the finish line fried; I'm particularly well done on my right side. A lovely event and one I hope to do again next year. This team stuff is great fun and huge thanks to Barbara C at Bingley for all her organising of us ladies and encouragement on the day.


kate said...

mid day racing-you both deserve an ice cream, or two ;)

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