Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Magical Misty Run

I somehow dragged myself out of bed this morning after another very late night and have yet again struggled to keep my eyes open through generally dull meetings in overheated rooms. I'm starting to get pretty desperate for a break from work and am counting down the weeks to my planned fortnight off in July. I've booked Friday off this week just to try and get some rest from the work slog and am already planning a lovely double running outing somewhere pretty.

Training seems to do a good job of perking me up in an evening at least and tonight was no exception in magical and misty conditions. I forged a new route out of two oldies tonight and clocked 9 miles in HR zone 3 over a moderately hilly trail route covering a climb to Draughton windmills on to Bolton Abbey with a loop to Cavendish before returning via the riverside path to home. The misty rain eventually cleared and the evening brightened up enough to dry out my drenched running gear on the return leg home. After mulling over my racing commitments I've reverted back to the original plan and aim to complete a lactate threshold session tomorrow. A visit to the track again this Saturday should round off another excellent training week. The looming 10k in the next couple of weeks is a stark reminder of the absence of any training to maintain threshold pace so I'd better get to it. Hills will have to wait.


Hayfella said...

It sounds a cracking run. Welcome to the early morning brigade! Weren't you only meant to be doing 6 miles today though? Cute cat shot too.

ultra collie said...

always remember my mum saying 'best part of the day'. used to wonder why but now i know :)

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