Monday, 22 June 2009

Stop Me If You Think That You've Heard This One Before

I must stop having time off work. Though I did have a wonderful time over my long weekend I'm now faced with the cruel reality of a full and very long week ahead. Mondays are rubbish. I know I'm being a big moaner but the week ahead just seems like such a slog and I really need some quality Runningbear time. How do those Americans do it?! I hear 2 weeks a year leave allowance is a good deal for most that really true? Sounds like torture. I suppose the glorious sunshine today didn't really help with being stuck at a desk and generally moping around the office.
Tried to cheer up a bit with a nice and steady 7 out to Ilkley and back tonight with M. After the glorious sunshine all day the weather just turned mental tonight and we were splashing through torrents for the full hour. Despite having to swim across giant puddles and squint through sheets of pouring rain the legs still feel pretty good after the rigours of last week's training. I'll stick to another pretty solid training week before the race on Sunday and just ease down a day or two before. Though I'd like to be fresh and give it a good go, I don't want to compromise the training too much now I'm back in full swing. Am slightly nervous of what kind of time I'll manage (yikes). Just have to hope I've not lost too much to avoid any major blows to much needed confidence right now. All pinkies are firmly crossed.


kate said...

i wish i could work part-time, it would solve a lot of problems! don't push too hard.....i won't cross my pinkies just in case they fall off ;)

ultra collie said...

bob geldolf was right..though a tad extreme in his thoughts to rectify the situation. im like my arse on mondays if its any consolation. i think the world is.
my advice re sunday..put a rest day in saturday. but then what do i know!
still love your tunes app. good tunes too.

Runningbear said...

Thanks guys.

I wouldn't want you to lost any precious,(if slightly gnarly) pinkies Kate. Feel consoled that I'm not alone in my Monday blues.

UC - will I'll rely on you as my blog advisor if tunes become v annoying - not sure about the widget still as worried some some might not locate the pause button. Novelty not worn off yet though ; )

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