Sunday, 21 June 2009

The Big 100

No, 100 is not the number of Lidl treats I've scoffed since my last shop there 24 hours ago. This is a very significant number, as today a local running star will have raced 100 half-marathons since his athletics career started as a school boy. Terry L started his running career over 45 years ago and has achieved many running feats in his time. Having run a total of 100 sub-40min 10k races & no less than 100 sub-69min 10m races, today will be his 100th half-marathon race! Terry has shared his experience and passion for running with many local runners over the years. He continues to clock at least 50 miles per week, 7 days each week, whatever the weather. Here's hoping the sun has been kind for his slightly scary 2pm start at Freckleton HM today.

As for me, I enjoyed my favourite session of the week, my long run on the canal path from Silsden. I was joined by M and our old club mate Mark I for the first 6 miles. It was great to have company but the boys were less than eager to run the 16 I had planned so we parted company at 5 Rise Locks, just outside Bingley and I pressed on alone for the remaining miles. The sun was in full force but the shade of overhanging trees on the canal side and light winds made the run a treat. I was pleased with how I felt, especially after the track yesterday; the legs were comfortable running in my endurance zone and I found myself struggling to keep the pace down in the returning 8 miles; clocking a total of 16m at 7.08 pace despite my attempts to put on the brakes. I'm confident that my strength and endurance are returning; its just the speed that needs a bit of attention now. Settled in to watch the athletics again today; what a dream telly weekend we've had, what with all the 'new rules' drama, crashes and 'spikings' and exhausted athletes; who needs Arnie...


Antony Bradford said...

Sounds like the Running Bear is starting to get some form back. Also you sound like your enjoying your running again.

Need to get some blogging done - could be 100 days since my last one.

All the best for the race on Sunday.

Runningbear said...

Thanks AB. Looking forward to your posts - any races coming up..?

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