Saturday, 20 June 2009

A Lidl Piece of Heaven

Have just sat down after a huge and delicious lunch; well earned after a hectic morning at the track. My plan this year was to build up my speed over the Summer (ready to attack the cross country season in the Autumn) but this plan has had its ups and downs, mostly downs with all the time out trying to get the mojo back. Anyway, since little miss mojo returned I've been doing my best to get in the VO2 sessions as much as is healthy for these 36 year old legs.

I was very grateful for M's company this morning. This was his first track session back after the op and the niggles of his sore tummy holes made by those pesky surgeons, (the holes got a bit infected so he's on extra strength antibiotics). He ran amazingly well and seems to have lost very little strength or speed over these last few weeks. We both repeated the session last week; 8x600m reps but with a shorter recovery (60-75 secs). The reps felt tougher this week for me at least, as was supported by my rep times which were a bit down on last week. I'm not stressing about it though, the recovery was much shorter and I've had a heavy week of mileage. I was also rather reserved in my pacing today, being wary not to push my luck and run too hard after a tough training week & I also need to save a bit for tomorrow's long run on the canal.

Speaking of long runs I've found another gem for refuelling. I dragged M via Lidl in Nelson on the way home for the usual stock of german sausages (for him), chocolate milk for me and a hunt for a new treat. It was a bonanza morning; these caramel wafers are a heavenly delight and perfect for a post track refuel in the car. They're not too crumbly and with a nice chewy (rather than oozy) caramel layer to really make your mouth water, if you like a snack with a bit of bite and texture that is. Runningbear is very happy with the purchase though I'm now wondering anxiously if the stock is sufficient to cover the week; particularly when M has also developed a taste for these fine treats. They keep calling to me from inside the naughty cupboard, what's a girl to do...they certainly top Tunnocks for any fellow wafer fans out there.


ultra collie said...

crikey! not sure what the above posy says. but me, i'm mighty jealous RB...your new tunes app is fab ...i want one on mine!!!

Runningbear said...

UC: thanks UC, deleted the worrying post but possibly a bit too late (hope nobody noticed!). My new widget is cute but might become annoying in time... easy to install if you want one ; ?

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