Friday, 19 June 2009

Into The Wild

Have enjoyed a lovely day off today, starting with getting all the house chores done by 9.30am and settling down to watch a DVD this morning with a pair of cuddly cats for company. Grizzly Man was loaned to me after a Monday morning chat with a work colleague discussing Into the Wild. I'm not sure what to say about this film; I'm left with mixed feelings and am still working out what I think of it. The grizzly death of its star Tim Treadwell was a very sobering start to the day so getting out into the hills was very welcome.
I opted for a bit of an adventure and the looming rainclouds didn't put me off. I drove out past Barden to just above Appletreewick at lunchtime for a change of running scene and enjoyed spectacular views across to Hebden, Burnsall and Simon's Seat. The weather was pretty wild and changeable but the waterside path at Grimwith Reservoir was pretty sheltered from the strong winds with barely a soul in sight except a windsurfer on the water obviously having the best time ever. The pace was relaxed and very easy to clear these legs of cobwebs after last night's heavy session. The views were spectacular on the track down to Raikes farm; the hills looked like the rugged shoulders of ancient beasts slumbering in the dappled sunlight. What a wonderful escape today was, life should be like this everyday. I've now collected yet another location for a future home to add to the collection. Back in our cosy house now & ready for some good food and a night in front of the telly with M. Life is good today.


kate said...

i'd like to see that film but it's hard to work out a time when you actually want to watch something like that....otherwise a lovely day ;)

ultra collie said...

what a truly inspirational and beautifully penned post. you just cant beat runs like that. nice.

Runningbear said...

Kate: your spot on, not sure how this film would leave you feeling; its a mixed bag of desperate sadness and inspiring snippets and some other emotions I'm less sure about.

UC: thanks for those very generous words. It was one of those unexpected reminders of the simplest pleasures. Highly recommended : )

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