Tuesday, 23 June 2009


An apt Spartan theme for tonight's sesh at the club I think. I felt the weekend in my legs tonight but still ran reasonably well despite the very sticky and hot atmosphere on the rugby field. The air was thick with very annoying flies which I think have more than provided sufficient protein intake today given the number I seemed to choke on through the reps. The session planned was more speed that VO2 in focus so have swapped my plans around to rebalance with a fartlek session on Thursday. Tonight's session was 12x300 reps on the grass field with pretty short jog recoveries over 100m. Though pretty tough in the muggy heat I ran steady and managed to maintain pace through the full 12, perhaps dipping a little in the middle. Pace was 5.08-5.10 min/miles which isn't too bad on the lumpy and bumpy grass though I do wonder if the grass sessions offer the same benefits as the track.
I'm still torn on this club night dilemma. Though I'm keen to be participating in club training and feel some responsibility to go down on a club night I can't help but feel that the speed and VO2 work would be better served on the track where faster pace is more easily developed. The benefits of the grass will no doubt serve me well on the cross country later in the year. I might have to bob out the odd week and try and get some gutchuckin' 800s in.


kate said...

it feels like i've still got a flu in my eye from last nights ride!!

i've always found it really difficult to do speed work on fields. i'm constantly holding back in case of dog shit, holes and such. start a rival group ;)

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