Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Daydream Believer

Have had a the crappiest day imaginable today at work and spent half of the afternoon wishing I could just zap myself out of the office into some alternate reality where you only work when you want to, trainers grow on trees and cake is the healthy low calorie option.
I really needed my run tonight; a steady 7 from home via Draughton windmills dropping to Bolton Bridge and home along the river. Got back just in time to see the finish of our local fell race; a classic straight up and straight down route via Beamsley Beacon. Now going to drown myself in some trashy TV and hope tomorrow brings better things. Thank you world for the running at least.


kate said...

cake isn't a low calorie option ?!! what!!

runnerinsight said...

Just be positive! Keep the fire burning!; )

Runningbear said...

Ha, thanks guys. Better day today and have managed to pull me head out of my *** to get some perspective. Still like the cake idea though. RB

Anonymous said...

Poor Sarah you'll be fine. Think of the mixtape you have done. Since I like electro I'm going for MGMT 'electric feel'. See you soon I hope.

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