Thursday, 11 June 2009

Musings On Maulings

Though it was an easy day of running today I didn't get off lightly with my visit to Maggie the Mauler for a 60min massage ordeal. I do my best to try and keep on top of these niggling legs and feet. Maggie provides an amazing sports massage at half the price of her competitors and can do wicked things with her elbows and forearms - my glutes are currently quivering at the memory. I've had an ongoing achilles niggle this last week or two so thought it best to book in and was glad I had; especially after the hammering on my quads at the weekend. I've also been really well behaved since and done very little hard running and this seems to have worked a treat on recovery. So, after biting on my fist for a whole 56 mins, trying not to howl out loud or jump off the massage table I survived the mauling and called in to the local supermarket to pick up a few bits on the way home.
I've been moderately well behaved food wise this week and am suitably inspired by Tricky's blog and the sheer virtue of his pudding ducking at work. I fared less well. I was breezily nosying through the freshly baked bread when I happened upon this stunner of a cream cake, isn't he lovely? Was very taken with the bright green dome of pure marzipan loveliness, snugly hugging a heavenly light and spongy, custardy, creamy centre. Just had a huge piece to reward my bravery tonight. I hope you'll agree it was well deserved. Incidentally, I managed an easy 4 around the village earlier and plan to do a steady 7 tomorrow before a bit more track work on Saturday. Yay, its nearly Friday.


Antony Bradford said...

Hi RB, i'm back from my hols and need to do some serious blog updates and comments.

In the cake picture - Is that the piece you ate or the piece that's left?

ultra collie said...

i think you write m&s food ads in your spare time RB! glad you're recovering well! good luck to M this weekend.

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